A hub for the AI, Machine Learning and Big Data Community in the Thames Valley


The TV AI Hub has been created to pull together the incredible community of academics, researchers, technologists, clinicians and business strategists here in the Thames Valley so everyone can learn, network, collaborate, share knowledge, explore and develop business opportunities and partnerships.

Starting in December last year, we are hosting a series of events, each featuring a highly influential speaker and members of our community will be able to register and attend these free of charge.

So, if you work in AI, Machine Learning or Big data  – or know others that do – please pass the word around. Our aim is to get this area internationally recognised for the talent, skills and expertise that has given rise to its reputation as the 'UK's Silicon Valley'. And of course to attract more brilliant people and companies to the beautiful, well connected area that is the Thames Valley.  

Next Event : AI & ML in Healthcare

11th March 2020
from 18:00

The Curious Lounge 20 Tudor Rd, Reading RG1 1NH   

In support of the thriving Life Sciences sector in the Thames Valley and the long standing strategic partnership between the University and the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, we are delighted to welcome 2 world leading experts in AI and ML in healthcare as speakers at our next event on 11th March. 

Professor Lionel Tarassenko CBE FREng FMedSci I Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Oxford  I Founder-Director Oxehealth I R&D Director Sensyne Health 

 Dr Saurabh Johri Chief Scientist at Babylon Health 

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Find out more about the pioneering work being done in AI by companies already here in the Thames Valley...

We would like this AI Hub to showcase work being done in AI and its related fields by those actually doing it. Oracle and the University of Reading have kicked this off, so please get in touch if you would like to contribute. We are keen to show the breadth and depth of what is being done across all sectors, from startups to corporates and everything in between. Please get in touch 












How Oracle and The World Bee Project are Using AI to Save Bees

Oracle recently announced a partnership with the World Bee Project to leverage cloud technologies to better understand the decline in bee populations globally and devise innovative strategies to help farmers manage bee and pollinator habitats. 

Justin Charness
, Director, Product Marketing, Oracle AI

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5 Artificial Intelligence Myths: The Realities will make you Think Twice

We've all heard news stories about self-driving cars or DeepMinds beating the Go world champion. But is AI up to the hype? We separate reality from myth.

Emma Hitzke,
 Senior Product Marketing Director, Emerging Tech, Oracle AI

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PROTECT - Pervasive and UseR Focused BiomeTrics BordEr ProjeCT

Prof James Ferryman, Professor of Computational Vision at the University of Reading, has been at the helm of this exciting project.  The number of travelers is growing rapidly, resulting in longer queuing times and more pressure on border authorities.  PROTECT (Pervasive and User Focused Biometrics Border Project), an EU-funded H2020 security research project, tried to solve this problem using new biometric technologies that would digitalize and speed up border crossing.

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Challenge our AI Community

Coming soon – we hope to create an area where real companies can share business challenges. And talented individuals from various backgrounds in our community can work together and hack their way to a resolution. Hackathon, HackFest or CodeFest - what ever you call it, will help experts from diverse backgrounds in our community come together and gain real-world experience at solving the problems that business faces. This could lead to anything...

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Why the Thames Valley is known as UK's Silicon Valley

Thames Valley Berkshire is a thriving ecosystem of iconic global tech leaders, innovative start-ups, SMEs and scale-ups with a world class University at its heart. Globally recognised as a tech hub, it's been attracting multinational giants like Microsoft, Oracle and Cisco for 30+ years and built a density of tech companies covering AI and Data, ECommerce, Cyber, Digital, Gaming, Internet of Things, MedTech and FinTech. 

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What's Going On...

The Curious Lounge Event:  Immersive Technology -  Audience Insight Workshop

20 March 2020

The workshop is aimed at local companies in Reading and the surrounding area, who may have some experience with immersive technologies and wish to learn more about the audiences they can attract

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AI in Urban Planning & Transport

13 May 2020 
18:00 - 20:30

The Thames Valley AI HUB welcomes you to the next event with its focus on AI in Urban Planning and transport.

The Curious Lounge 20 Tudor Rd, Reading RG1 1NH   View Map

Still in the planning stage currently, but if you are interested in this event please join our Meetup Thames Valley AI HUB and you will be the first to receive updates. 






OpenMined & Safe Artificial Intelligence

19 March 2020 
18:00 - 20:30

OpenMined evening: 3 members of the OpenMined team join this event on using AI safely. 

The Curious Lounge 20 Tudor Rd, Reading RG1 1NH   View Map

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